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In this new media age, journalists must navigate the various communication platforms on the internet.

The following are the new (and free) journalism tools I believe are the most important for reporting, today and in the future.


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I like twitter because it allows me to customise the information that I want to be alerted to, and alerts me to trends in public discourse. It also allows me to create specific lists that follow people who discuss my interests, including Australian fashion, Australian politics and my favourite music artists.

It is for these reasons that journalists must be using twitter – to alert them to trends, monitor developments and most importantly, up to the minute news in their area of reporting.

Google Tools

Google’s mail system – gmail is an easy and free way for journalists to keep track of emails on one easy to access chain and makes keeping track of information from sources simple. Tags can also be added to group information for stories together.

Google alerts are a free way to monitor subjects on the internet. You can choose to receive information on the key words you choose at various time intervals, or as soon as they appear.

The common thread in the above tools I have listed is ease of use and instant information. I believe journalists must use these simple tools to ensure they are alerted to the information they require as soon as it appears in cyberspace, and most importantly – whilst it is still newsworthy.


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